dwell MSV South


dwell MSV South
357A Great Western Street,
Manchester M14 4AH,
United Kingdom

Gross Floor Area    9,869 sqm
Land Area               6,300 sqm

Enquiry Contact

Tel             +44 (0) 161 224 0000
Email        salesenquiries@dwellstudent.co.uk
Website    www.dwellstudent.co.uk


Manchester Student Village South (MSVS) is a freehold property located at 357A Great Western Street, Manchester, M14 4AH, United Kingdom. MSVS has a current capacity of 362 beds, arranged predominately as 4 en-suite bedrooms with a shared kitchen and lounge. MSVS is situated at an excellent location, off Wilmslow Road to the south of Wilmslow Park and within 10 minutes walk from the city campuses to the north and Fallowfield to the south. MSVS has enjoyed high occupancy rates since 2002.